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The Journey Begins …

This journal came into being 3 ½ months into the life of our sweet and precious grand daughter Pyper Jo (Pyper Josephine Ray).  Also known by the nicknames of PyJo and JoJo to Gavin (and Dean). 

Unbeknownst to us when she was born, we would find ourselves sitting in a hospital room with her for the 3rd time in a very short amount of time.

Please understand that emotionally, this is very difficult to talk about, and sharing Pyper’s story in the form of a journal lightens the load just a bit. Please feel free to share your comments to the Nana’s Journal posts, as you share with us in this ….. unintended journey of Pyper Jo.

I didn’t start this journal until October 24th, 2017 so let me go back to the beginning to catch you up…

(continued here …. at Nana’s Journal)

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