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Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Today was simply a horrible day. There is no other way to say it. Today brought the results of Pyper’s MRI:

Pyper has been diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia (S.O.D.). This includes her Optic Nerves being underdeveloped, and her Pituitary Gland being underdeveloped.

With this, she will have moderate to severe vision issues in both eyes, with 0% likelihood of normal vision. She may even have complete blindness in one or both eyes. We will not know more on her vision until she sees a pediatric ophthalmologist and until she gets older. (These are the words of the diagnoses, not ours). She is extremely light sensitive, so we are very hopeful she will have some sight, as she does follow a flashlight to some extent.

Let it be heard that I firmly believe and declare over Pyper that she WILL be able to see God’s beautiful creation. She will see her mommy and daddy’s face, she will see a rainbow, a flower in bloom, a butterfly and she will look into a mirror and see the beautiful little girl that God created!!

The endocrinologist will follow up on hormone deficiency, as the Pituitary gland produces many hormones, including those responsible for growth. This hormone therapy will not improve her sight though, as the underdeveloped Optic nerves are the issue there.

She had an Upper GI test done to she if she had reflux, and the results indicated she did not have reflux, but she will need a G Tube for feeding that goes directly into her stomach, as the NG tube she has can only stay in temporarily (maybe 8 weeks?) and poses a risk for aspiration.

These are all medical diagnoses that have been disheartening to hear. Many tears have been shed and prayers lifted up. We know that we have to hear these diagnoses, but we certainly do not have to accept them as solid truth because we know the One who can change diagnoses! We serve the One who created Pyper and He alone can change and correct the genetics that make her who she is. We know that God is able to heal Pyper. That of course is our prayer. We are asking for a complete healing of her body.

However, it is His will for Pyper that we seek. As hard as this prayer is, we are asking that His will be done, and that we will have the faith, courage and strength to accept what God has for Pyper.

We appreciate and covet your prayers for Pyper’s healing.

Please understand this is very difficult stuff to talk about emotionally at this point, so putting everything in a journal will be a bit easier ….

Today begins my journaling of Pyper’s journey…


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