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Thursday, October 26, 2017


With my computer in hand I was out the door and on my way to spend the day with PyJo. I was ready for a day of praying, praising, loving on my littlest one and of course some DANCING.

I picked up PyJo and started to talk to her, tickled under her chin and got the most precious GIFT…a SMILE. Brandon said that she had smiled for Nicole earlier this morning, as well as, for him. I was so excited! You see, prior to this morning I think I had seen Pyper smile maybe once. Nicole got smiles every so often, but smiling was just not something that Pyper did much. I got quite a few more smiles through out the day and even got a couple of giggles. My heart soared today .

First order of the day was to learn how to operate the Kangaroo Joey feeding machine. I can honestly say that I was a bit nervous about doing this task today all by myself. Brandon was a most excellent teacher and was only a phone call away. After 3 feedings today I think I have this!!

I insist on holding Pyper while she is “eating” and holding her pacifier for her so that she has that sucking sensation as she feels her food passing through a tube into her tummy. It is all to easy to just let her sit in her seat for the 30 minutes it takes for the feeding machine to do its job. I loved feeding Pyper her bottle before she got the NG tube, so I am not going to pass up these moments of holding her, talking to her and just staring at her. It soothes my soul to cuddle her.

Today I am so THANKFUL for the smiles from my littlest one. 


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