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Sunday, October 29, 2017

I wish you could close your eyes and visualize my journal entry for today, but you can’t since you have to be able to read it.  This visual will remain tucked deep inside my heart forever.  I am so excited to share it here on the pages of Pyper’s journal…

Windy, a dear friend of mine, set up a prayer gathering for Pyper.   A few people had asked her if she thought it would be possible to get together and pray over Pyper. Windy asked me, I asked Nicole and Brandon and today it went like this…

The first warrior (aside from Pyper’s family) arrived a little before 5:00pm, then another, then another, then 2 more, then some more, then a big group.  As these prayer warriors filled the living room, all 22 of us were gathered around Pyper who was sound asleep in her bouncy seat, on the floor, and oblivious to all that was going on (or so we thought).  These precious and mighty prayer warriors had come to pray over Pyper.  Windy anointed Pyper’s head with oil and Pastor Matt began to speak healing over Pyper.  Person after person after person prayed.  We not only prayed for healing, we claimed it, we DECLARED it and we thanked God in advance for what He was going to do. Scripture was recited and spoken over Pyper.  Songs of worship were lifted up to the heavens as hands were raised in praise.  Tears flowed freely and easily as we bowed at the foot of the cross and poured out our offering of praise in the midst of storm.  When we were finished Pastor Matt shared how hard it was to close his eyes during our prayers because he was watching Pyper.  He shared with us that she had smiled 3 different times. Each smile came as someone was declaring something very specific over her.  Was God in our midst this afternoon?  Oh, without a doubt He was.  His hand is on Pyper and healing is taking place.  A word was given to Dean and I tonight.  That word is GLORIFY.  Pyper is here to Glorify God Almighty!  God will receive all the glory for the life of this little one.  He alone will be glorified!

I will forever be grateful for these warriors who came together and prayed for Pyper, for her mommy and daddy, her brother and sister, her grandparents.  These are not people who just came to pray once for Pyper.  These are true prayer warriors who have already been and will continue to pray and storm the heavens on behalf of Pyper and her family.  To each and everyone that came and stood along side of us tonight we want to thank you from the depths of our heart.  Also to those who live elsewhere that found a quiet spot at 5:00 and lifted your voices to the heavens.  We thank you.  I do believe, no actually I KNOW, that there are MANY praise reports that will be shared regarding our littlest one because of the prayers that were spoken today.  We will all rejoice and share in these together.  Thank you to our Faith family.  You will forever be a part of this most amazing visual that is sown deep within my heart.  

So now that you have read this entry I hope that you will close your eyes and visualize what it looked like, and felt like, to be in the presence of everyday people, that God used to be the warriors of prayer for Pyper.  What a sweet, sweet testimony of God’s unfailing love, His faithfulness and of His presence that NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us.  

My heart is full tonight.  Good night.

Today I am THANKFUL for prayer warriors and smiles from God that appeared on the face of a sleeping baby.  Isn’t He marvelous.


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