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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pyper’s prayer warriors stormed the throne room of God Almighty this morning and their voices BOLDLY resounded in the heavens.  God heard these warriors and He is greatly glorified today!

I left the house this morning at 6:17am and as I drove to work I started praying for the doctor appointments that lay ahead for Pyper, Nicole and Brandon today.  I was on a road and I literally had to pull the car over. I pulled out my phone and went to the note section and pushed the microphone button.  Here is what came forth this morning…”God, I go into battle expecting big things.  If I don’t then I am already defeated before the battle even begins.  I have a great big God that I expect big things from, because if I didn’t expect big things, that would make him a lesser God.  Why would I expect anything less than a miracle.  This is my battle cry this morning.  Oh Satan this battle is on.  And you have no victory here.  You have no victory over Pyper.  This is on!!”

  I have never before felt so ready for battle and so expectant of victory than I did this morning.  

  Our first praise report came at 10:00am…Pyper CAN SEE!!! Praise report #1!! (full doctor report listed below) I simply starting crying and lifting up praises.  I never doubted that she could see, but what a sweet thing it was to hear. Dean had sent me a text at 9:22am asking if I had heard anything.  I told him that I had not.  Their appointment had been at 8:00am and their next appointment was at 9:30am.  So why haven’t we heard anything??  I was in my car around 9:30am and suddenly I had this voice telling me “you haven’t heard anything because it is bad news and they don’t want to tell anyone”.  In that moment I knew this was the voice of Satan.  I immediately told him that he has absolutely no place in Pyper’s life, no place in my life, no place in Pyper’s home or our home.  I told him that he has no victory in Pyper’s life.  I told him that Jesus Christ is the Victor.  Did he not remember my battle cry from this morning?? He was attacking the wrong Nana today.  I was armed for battle!! Then I turned up the praise music and worshipped.  It was only about 20 minutes later that we got the report from Nicole.

Fast forward and I am sitting in carline at school, it’s 2:37pm.  We know that Pyper had been getting her EEG and Ultrasound done.  I get a text message from Nicole saying that the ultrasound is completely normal.  There are no issues with her back.  There is NO SPINA BIFIDA!  Praise report #2!!  I actually started screaming in my car!  I couldn’t wait to share the news with Gavin and Chloe.  Chloe says from the back seat “I am going to tell everyone in my class that Pyper can see.”  

Next stop is the bank.  As I walk up to the teller line there are 4 ladies talking about someone and as they finish one of them says “that’s a praise, God is good”.  I couldn’t not say anything, so I said to them “well I have an incredible praise report to share…”  And I went on to tell them all about our miracles today.  

WOW, what an amazing day.  I am so glad that in BOLDNESS I lifted up my battle cry this morning.  I went into battle today expecting nothing less than victory.  My God is good and His promises are YES and AMEN.  God was glorified today!  

Thank you to all of you who entered into battle for Pyper Sunday afternoon (I believe that miracles took place as we gathered around Pyper. I also believe that there is continued healing taking place).  Don’t stop praying my warriors.  The battle isn’t over yet.  

Today I am THANKFUL for eyes that will see God’s creation and legs that will walk and run.

Today I am THANKFUL that what Satan meant for harm, God uses for His glory .

Today I am THANKFUL that there is a mommy and daddy that got good news today about their little girl. 

Paper apparently agreed this afternoon:


Brandon’s Doctor report: 10-31-17

  • There is a range of septo optic dysplasia 
  • Does not see normally but definitely isn’t blind
  • Will have to wait and see with development 
  • What she saw with optic nerve…nerves small….smaller in right… right has double ring sign 
  • She read off Dr. Slate the radiologist report
  • Optic nerve does not grow more over time
  • Ordinarily babies are born with more optic nerve fibers than they need 
  • Retina will mature and brain matures alot during 1st ten years of life
  • Vision will mature at 1 or 2 years… brain continues to developing
  • Right optic nerve is more hypoplastic than left
  • Reassuring because she doesn’t have nystagmus 
  • Does have little syrabusmys or misalignment of eyes 
  • At least one eye is seeing descently and give her time to develop and see
  • Wants to refer her to used to be governor forehead preschool… they come to home to help… they are certified teachers for visually impaired… do the whole gamut from stimulation to Braille 
  • She is medium far sighted
  • Cortical visual impairment… Optic nerve hypoplasia.. Vision is delayed 
  • She has definitely seen worse optic nerves
  • Optic chasm worries her due to having side vision issues…. each eye could potentially miss parts of vision field 
  • Looks good and looks pretty alert 
  • Do therapy then wait and see how she develops 
  • See Dr. Bashinsky every quarter and dilate eyes each time for now

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