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Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

#TEAMPYPER can shout out another chorus of praise today. There are times that a negative is a great thing and today we received our 2nd one. Pyper does NOT have any seizure activity. I was at work, the only one there and I shouted out YES, YES, YES Thank you God.

An hour later Nicole sends a text and says “guess what? NO DiGeorge Syndrome. Negative #3!!  She had called the genetics office to reschedule an appointment and the genetic counselor pulled up her blood work and shared the good news. She told Nicole that she probably shouldn’t have told her but said she knew they had been through a lot lately! 

Without a doubt God is healing this little girl from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She truly is a testimony of God’s healing!

So something really neat happened tonight. Dean and I went to church and instead of having a teaching time, they were doing a time of testimony sharing. I was actually excited! Now mind you, I do not do well speaking in front of people. I avoid it at all cost actually. But tonight was different. I had a very personal, incredible, amazing testimony to tell. I had the chance to publicly give a witness to the healing power of Father God. I don’t think you could have kept Dean and I in our seats. God was glorified tonight. Oh, and Pyper’s prayer warrior count went up too as people came up to us after service and said they would be praying for her. And to think I didn’t want to go to church tonight because I am exhausted and just wanted to go home and go to bed. God is so, so good isn’t He. He wanted Dean and I there tonight because He had a blessing that He wanted to give to us.  
When I finish this post I will pack up my computer because Pyper and I are going to need some music tomorrow so that we can DANCE.


Today I am THANKFUL for negative test results.

Today I am THANKFUL for the opportunity, the blessing, the privilege in getting to share the testimony of God’s healing. (thank you to Cindy and Robby Clark for being obedient to the leading of the Lord for tonight’s service)


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