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Monday, November 20, 2017

Pyper in Hat

Pyper - Nana - Walking

Since my last post we received GREAT news from Pyper’s endocrinologist.  Her pituitary gland is producing ACTH and she does not need any hormone replacement.  Her levels were “great” the doctor said!  This is amazing seeing that her pituitary gland is half the size it should be.  

I had Pyper last Thursday when she had her first visit with a vision therapist.  She has what is called CVI (Cortical Vision Impairment).  Basically what this means is that she can see things, but her brain isn’t processing it.  Her therapist said that with bi-weekly therapy sessions her brain will begin to work in conjunction with her eyes.  She said she has only seen her patients get better and better!  

Tomorrow will find Pyper, Nicole and Brandon in Asheville for another round of doctor appointments.  First thing is an appointment with the Genetics doctor and then a follow-up with her ENT.  

I will post tomorrow evening after I get reports from Nicole and Brandon.

Today I am THANKFUL that Pyper has a pituitary gland that works beautifully.

Today I am THANKFUL for Pyper’s big brother who loves her so sweetly.





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