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November 28, 2017

This picture is of our happy, happy little girl today. Even amongst all that she is going through, she still shares her beautiful smile.

In last nights post I said I was thankful that Pyper had a team doctors that are “ON IT”! Well today has proven that they truly are “ON IT” and that they will figure out what is going on. My phone was continually alerting me to text messages each time a doctor, a resident or a fellow left the room after evaluating Pyper. Here is a compilation of all that was learned today:

Pulmonologist fellow (Nikki Worthington): ordering a sleep study and bronchoscopy. The sleep study will take some time to get on the schedule.

Pulmonologist doctor (Terry Noah): asked questions about her noisy breathing. Her x-ray from last night did not give any conclusive answers, but also did not show pneuomonia or collapsed lung. Her noisy breathing suggests something is going on in her upper airway. The next step will be to put Pyper under general anesthesia and examine the airway. He will use a tiny scope and if he finds any secretions he will remove them and have them examined. Not sure when this will be scheduled.

ENT resident (Dr. Brian Brandon): under general anesthesia wants to go in and “look around”. He isn’t convinced she has a sub mucous clef palate, but won’t know until he goes in and explores.

Speech Therapy: her palate is high. If she is at risk for aspiration then she is at a higher risk for aspiration from reflux. She ordered a barium swallow study for today, but it was postponed until tomorrow because the x-ray lab was backed up.

Dietician (Samuel): said to keep her on 110ml for a total of 7 feedings. She is in the 27th percentile weight for her length and 4th percentile for her length. She is possibly not growing and gaining like she should because she is laboring to breath and expending too many calories.

That’s the happenings of their day. There were not any definitive answers or conclusions today, but progress is being made!! Please continue to pray for wisdom, discernment, and direction for all of Pyper’s doctors. God’s hand is directing Pyper’s team of doctors and they will figure this out!!

I have to give a LOUD shout of praise for the amazing provisions that were made today for Nicole and Brandon’s through the Go Fund Me Campaign that was set up last night. I am in awe of God’s goodness as He uses the generosity of people to bless Nicole and Brandon. $1,500.00 in a 24 hour period. My heart rejoices and I am excited to see this number rise as God leads others to give. Thank you so very much to those that have given.

On behalf of my sleeping baby girl we say goodnight to all, Love Pyper Jo and Nana

Today I am THANKFUL for Pyper’s team of doctors that are working TOGETHER to provide answers.

Today I am THANKFUL for the generosity of family and friends that have blessed Nicole and Brandon by providing finances that will help alleviate the financial stresses of caring for a baby with special needs.

Today I am THANKFUL for evaluations that will lead to answers and solutions.



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