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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I love it when God shows up and “shows off”! And then I get the honor of sharing with all of you just how GREAT He is.

Pyper had her eye appointment today and it brought “shout it from the mountain tops” news (I hope that you can hear me screaming right now). The full results are listed below, but the biggest and “bestest” news is that Pyper’s vision has gotten better!! Her vision not only didn’t get worse, nor did it stay the same, it got BETTER!! I couldn’t stop smiling and of course there were a few tears of joy added in there too! Thank you to all who have faithfully prayed.

When I pray for Pyper I get a mental picture of her and begin at the top of her head and work my way down her body as I pray, lifting up each area of need. Pyper’s vision has been a prayer “priority” for me. I find myself praying for it the most and longest. It’s not that her other needs are less important, it has just always been a top prayer request. I have always believed that those big blue eyes would fully see the beauty that God created. While this is incredible news, I won’t stop praying, because God is still busy at work in this little one. I pray big, expecting big. I want to see 20/20 vision…my God is able.

Pyper had her Physical Therapy evaluation today as well (notes listed below). She will now add a physical therapist to her repertoire of home health care visitors. Along with this addition we have added Occupational Therapy too. Both OT and PT will begin after her GTube / LADS surgery. Her surgery has been set for February 14th at 7:30am in Asheville.

Prayer Request:

Pyper’s upcoming surgery on Wednesday, Feb. 14th


Today I am THANKFUL for Pyper’s improved vision

Today I am THANKFUL for those that come and work with Pyper (Vision and Speech Therapy and soon OT & PT). She has an incredible team of therapist!

Today I am THANKFUL for the home health nurse team that is being assembled and will be starting next week.  This will provide some help and give some schedule flexibility.

Today I am THANKFUL that God has once again shown His power.

Today I am THANKFUL for the power of prayer.


Doctor’s Notes:

Pyper Dr. Bashinski Eye Surgeon 1-23-18

  • Prefers right eye for vision
  • Left eye drifts sometimes
  • Doesn’t need glasses now … a little far sighted but normal for her age
  • She can’t see planes … she can see within 10 feet ….
  • Her vision has gotten better not worse …
  • Still no nystagmus …. which indicates better vision … Dr. said you would probably see it by this age if she was going to have it
  • Exotropia is drifting in left eye … could be genetic … could be to poorer vision …. could give glasses but Dr. Doesn’t want to … could patch it
  • Could patch about an hour a day
  • Patch dominant eye … could patch both if each is seeing
  • A patch will not straighten the eye … could consider surgery about 4 to 5 years old if needed
  • Patch when alert not sleepy
  • Oculomotor apraxia could be a possibility because she is turning head to see … it means she can’t move her eyes fast enough so they turn their head to see
  • Dr. said she feels she can see across the room pretty decent within 10 feet at this point
  • Vision is probably 20/70 or worse, which is considered visually impaired
  • Come back in 6 months for check up


Pyper PT Initial Evaluation 1-23-18

  • Massage hands and feet
  • Stretch hamstrings to help sit up
  • Try to have hands rest together
  • Tuesday around 130
  • Maybe get some lighter smaller… easy to hold toys… don’t have to

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