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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

As most of you will know by now because of the quickness and ease of Facebook, Pyper Jo came home yesterday! I happened to be at the house when Brandon came home with her. She was asleep when they first got home, but was awake as I was leaving. All I had to do was talk to her and play with her little feet a bit and she was full of SMILES. (See her smiling picture at the end of this post.) It is always better at home! Pyper’s smile certainly attests to that.

Prior to surgery I put a request out on Facebook asking for people that would volunteer their time to go and sit with Pyper during the days following surgery. This would give a break to Nicole and Brandon, and would prevent so much missed work. I had people lined up to stay with Pyper for 9 days following surgery. I am so thankful for the willing hearts of those that volunteered. Not everyone who volunteered got to fulfill their “spot” (because she did so amazing and got to come home so soon), but they are just as important as those who did.

  • Windy came on Saturday, just 3 days after surgery and spent the whole afternoon with Pyper. She was Pyper’s first caregiver that wasn’t actually a family member. I know that her willingness to come and stay with Pyper didn’t come without some fear, worry and apprehension. After all, Pyper had just had surgery and she had tubes attached to just about every part of her body.  But she came anyway. She walked around Pyper’s room and read all the prayers, notes, cards and scripture. Oh how I love this amazing friend. There are no words that express how much you mean to me.


  • Amanda (cousin Manda) came Sunday afternoon and stayed overnight with Pyper. She was relieved on Monday by Brandon around 2:00pm. Amanda and Pyper had never met before Sunday, but I do believe that Pyper stole a small piece of Amanda’s heart there in that hospital room. Amanda learned to either absolutely LOVE or HATE the song Whole Wide World. I was at peace when I left Pyper’s room that Sunday afternoon. I knew that Pyper had a fierce and mighty warrior that would be her advocate for the next 24 hours. This girl holds a very special place in my heart and my life. Love her so, so very much.


  • Janie Cox and Connie Putnam were going to be with Pyper on Tuesday and Wednesday but Pyper didn’t give them the opportunity. So thankful they were there had we needed them.


  • Hannah and Trevor (my niece and her fiancée) were coming Wednesday night and were brave enough to take on all day Thursday and Friday (9-6pm). I so wish that they would have been able to meet Pyper, because I know that she would have won their hearts as well. My heart is full of love for the servants heart of these two. I hope that Pyper gets to meet them on March 24th when they walk down the isle.

Prior to surgery God had given me the vision to have Pyper’s room covered in prayer (so as not to repeat you can read my entry for Sunday Feb. 11th to know more about this). All I can say is that going to the post office the whole next week was pure JOY. Everyday there were prayers, cards, notes and scripture.

Here is what came from my request on Facebook and here on Pyper’s Journal:

95 individual cards, notes, prayers and words of encouragement from 53 different individuals/families.  (See some pictures of her room at the end of this post.)

I couldn’t walk into JoJo’s room without feeling the love that filled Room 332. It just made me smile. At times I would see people that were out in the hallway stop and read the notes that were on her door. I hope that they were blessed just by reading these words that were written. I wanted people to know that the little girl who occupied this room was COVERED IN PRAYER and loved by her family, by friends and by her PRAYER WARRIORS. I simply can’t say how thankful I am to all those that sent these beautiful words of love. I will be keeping them and putting them in a treasure box for Pyper. I can’t wait to be able to share them with her one day.

This entry has been more “informational” than I thought it would be. About half way through I realized that there are things inside of me that I want to share, but not today, not in this entry. I feel like I am still processing some things and need some time to put things in place before I share.

Prayer Request:

  • Continued healing of incision sites and G-tube site.
  • Covering of protection from sickness/illness/germs over Pyper’s home

Today I am THANKFUL that Pyper is home!

Today I am THANKFUL for the daily and continuous prayers that were lifted up on Pyper’s behalf!

Today I am THANKFUL that Pyper came home healthy!

Today I am THANKFUL for the incredible nurses that took care of Pyper, as well as, her family and caregivers! They were an incredible team!!

Today I am THANKFUL for Dr. Kiser. Thankful that Pyper has a doctor that is a believer, not to mention an amazing surgeon that totally ROCKS laparoscopic surgery!



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