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Sunday, June 10, 2018

This entry is long over due…

I have lost count as to how many times I have “moved” the reminder on my calendar to post an update. Days turned into weeks and weeks literally turned into months. I am not even sure where to start, but to keep from boring you I will give you a Readers Digest version.

Pyper has been HOMEBOUND for the past 5 months. Life existed inside the confines of home. With the flu and cold season running wild it was necessary to take all measures possible to protect her fragile immune and body systems. With perseverance comes success and we prevailed. Pyper conquered the winter season and remained healthy.

The beautiful summer weather allows for walks outdoors in her stroller (which she loves). We walk around the neighborhood for now, but I am working up the courage to take her to the lake. I have never taken her anywhere in my car, let alone anywhere by myself. We shall see.

We got sweet news this past Tuesday! Pyper had a swallow study done and there was no aspiration seen. She has been cleared to begin a very slow regimen of introducing liquids and Stage 2 solid baby foods into her diet. God is so good. My eyes filled with tears as I read Nicole’s text. Almost 7 months ago the ability to feed Pyper her bottle was taken from us and replaced with a machine. I remember feeling very sad by the realization that there would be no more baby snuggles as you held her bottle and fed her.   I made a promise to always hold her when her feedings were taking place. I knew that she needed that, but I knew I needed it just as much.  I have spent hours sitting on the couch or on the floor holding her as a little machine called a Joey Kangaroo slowly fed her formula through a tub. I can assure you that holding a baby and feeding them a bottle is very different from holding a baby while a machine does the feeding.   There is a feeling of something lost, something torn from you. A deep regret of missing out on “what should have been”. With this news comes a new chapter in Pyper’s journey. This chapter, like the previous ones, presents its own set of challenges. Over the past 7 months Pyper has “lost” her suckling instinct and the normal ability to swallow liquids and solids is not something that she possesses the ability to do. Pyper now has to LEARN to take in food orally because it has been a non-existent need for her. The simple act of swallowing is a task that Pyper will have to work at to achieve.

Dean and I are asked often how Pyper is doing. To answer this question is easy…she is doing GREAT. She is THRIVING. I tell people she is growing like a weed. She is long and thin, just like her big sister Chloe. She sleeps 10-12 hours at night and doesn’t nap much during the day. She is happy, content and joyful. If she gets fussy it is because she is tired or she wants to stand up so she can poop (her favorite position). I know this is TMI, but I have the keyboard and this is life with our JoJo.

There have been no major doctor appointments to report on, no hospital stays. YIPEEEE!!! If I were to give this post a title it would be “Wait and See”.  She is a “wait and see” little girl. We will “wait and see” what God has in store for her. We will “wait and see” when her milestones will occur. We will “wait and see” what she will accomplish. There may be a lot that I do not know about JoJo, but what I do know about this “wait and see” stage is that Pyper is an incredible and precious little one. She has a spirit that SHOUTS strength, a smile that SPILLS forth joy and a laugh that FILLS your heart with LOVE.

She is my SPECIAL little person and I love her bunches and bunches and oodles and oodles.

Love to you my little one,



  • For an upcoming sleep study on July 3rd.
  • For muscle strength and tone as we work with Pyper on sitting up (she is close!)
  • For Pyper as she takes on the challenge of learning how to eat.
  • For Nicole (and Brandon) as they prepare for the birth of another little one in July.

Today I am THANKFUL for those that continue to pray for Pyper even though she is not facing anything “major”.

Today I am THANKFUL for life outside the walls of a home…for walks around the neighborhood (next comes church!!)

Today I am THANKFUL for Pyper’s little laugh. It is becoming more frequent and it touches the deep places of my heart.


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