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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tonight I am sad because I am home sick and will not have my day with Pyper tomorrow. I look forward to Thursday’s, but not at the expense of possibly spreading germs to Pyper and the rest of the family.

I have had people asking “how is Pyper doing”? so I thought I better write a post to update everyone. We have been in a “holding pattern” of sorts. No scheduled doctor appointments (yippee). No specialists to see. Just day to day life with an infant that has a feeding tube in her nose, a nose cannula for oxygen and a cord attached to her foot that reads her oxygen levels.

Last Saturday Pyper began throwing up and Nicole and Brandon ended up at the pediatricians office first thing Sunday morning. Turns out Pyper has an ear infection. Just add it to the list! Then Tuesday Pyper decided to pull her feeding tube out of her nose and Brandon had to insert a new one. Like I said, just day to day life…

Pyper does have an upcoming swallow study next Tuesday the 14th. Please be praying for results that show that there is no aspirating! If there is no aspirating that means the feeding tube could come out and there would not be a need for a G tube in her stomach. Which means this Nana could feed Pyper a bottle!! We are claiming that healing has taken place and that her lungs are clear and healed as well.

Today I am THANKFUL for God’s healing that has already taken place and continues to take place within Pyper’s body.

Today I am THANKFUL for a quiet week with little to journal about.

Good night all.


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