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Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Dean and I (aka Papa and Nana) spent the day with Pyper at the hospital so that Nicole and Brandon could catch their breath and get outside the confines of the hospital. Gavin and Chloe needed time with their momma and we were happy to hang out with Pyper for the day. A very special friend of Nicole’s was here for the weekend with her family and they were able to spend the entire day outdoors enjoying a warm fall day together and some wonderful pizza for dinner. I want to say a huge “THANK YOU’ to Christina and Martin Harvey for taking such good care of Gavin and Chloe. They surely didn’t expect to come to North Carolina and get to do child care duties. Your friendship is a blessing. Gavin and Chloe loved having Caleb and Addie at the house too!

So we get to the hospital and Pyper is still intubated from her procedure the day before, she has an IV, her NG tube and of course her oxygen tubes. I stood at her bedside for a few minutes, then turned and walked out. I found a room where I had a good cry, then I put on my “I am okay face” and went back in the room. Goodness it was hard to see her with so many tubes everywhere. All you want to do is pick her up and hold her tight!!

Her intubation tube came out while we were there and eventually the drugs in her system began to wear off. This was not a happy event. She was miserable, unconsolable at times, and she cried so hard. The nurse said she had some pretty heavy drugs and it was like going through withdraw. I knew she needed her mommy. I tried, but mommy I am not!


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